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Discover the ultimate in Golf Tour Planning efficiency and golfing enjoyment. Embark on a seamless Golf Tour experince, our app integrates advanced tour management with real time player engagement to create unforgettable golf journeys

GemGolfers will help you to enhance the competitive and social aspects of the Tour

Live leaderboard, interesting formats, team matches, complete tour and data summary all being real time and in your phone, add a competitive and social edge to the tour which has been missing till now.

Live leaderboard

Real time scores of all group for the whole Tour

Digital Tour Management

Manage digitaly Tour setup, Execution and Analysis


Create the groups and match formats of choice

Interesting Team Formats

Dozens of interesting formats to choose from

GemGolfers for a Seamless Golf Getaway.

Enhanced Customer Experience – By providing detailed itineraries, course information, local points of interest, and weather updates directly on the app, operators enhance the travel experience. Clients can easily access all the information they need in one place, improving their overall satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations –Mobile apps can significantly streamline the management of golf tours. Features like online registration, event management, and automated ticketing reduce manual workload and simplify logistics. This efficiency allows tour operators to handle more clients and tours without a proportional increase in administrative tasks.

Marketing, Branding and Customer Retention –Mobile apps can be used for targeted marketing efforts, such as promoting upcoming tours or special offers. Additionally, features like personalized communications and CRM integration help in building stronger relationships with clients, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Convenience – A mobile app consolidates all necessary information and functionalities in one place. Members can easily access their itinerary, tee times, course information, and other relevant details without the need to carry multiple documents or access various websites.

Tee Off with Style: Explore Diverse Golf Formats for Every Player

GemGolfers goes beyond traditional golfing experiences by offering an array of innovative and engaging playing formats designed for both individual golfers and teams. From classic stroke play to exciting team-based competitions, our app caters to all levels of skill and interest. Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking for a new challenge or a group seeking a fun and competitive team format, our app brings a fresh perspective to the game. Offering a unique way to enjoy the game and enhance camaraderie by encourage social interaction and friendly competition among players. The app seamlessly integrates these formats into the tour experience, ensuring that every round is as enjoyable as it is memorable



3 or 4 days Ryder Cup format

Four Some (Alternate Shot)

Best ball 4 Ball



2,3,4 ball Texas Scramble

GemGolfers Features

GemGolfes offers the Tour operators complete control and management of the tour even when they are not onsite. Allowitng them to create a Golf Tour experience parallel to no other

Live leaderboard

Real time live leaderboard completes with score & Standings.

Individual & Team formats

Strokeplay, stablefor and multiple Team formats including Ryder Cup.

Live Mobile scoring

Digital scorecard with every golfer for adding scores & staying on top of leaderboard.

Complete Tournament Management

Setup your Tour matches, launch & execute them and get detailed data Data insights.

Tour Itinerary

Pdf document or textual information always available.

Download and Enjoy

GemGolfers is available for both Android and IoS devices. Download enjoy and don’t forget to rate the app

Apple Store

Golfers can use it to manage their daily rounds as well as handicaps among many other features

Google Play

Interesting formats for individuals, teams & single/multiple day formats combined with performance improving stats

GemGolfers Screenshots

Set up your Tour and corresponding Tour matches both single or team formats in minutes. upload Tour itnirary and complete Tour information with full access to all the Touring members


Our Work Process

Golf Tour and Tour matches setup Process is easy, quick and efficient. Execution is real time and all scores are available through live leaderboards

Plan the Tour

Planning and its publishing to the Tour members is done within Gemgolfers

Set Up GemGolfers

Setup the Tour matches whether they be individual stroke play or team matches, single of multiday events

Deliver an Immersive experience

Engage the entire touring party through out the day. It is not just about the your group any more.

What Our Client Say About GemGolfers

Seamless and real time, set up and execution of Tour is going to revolutionise the golf tour experience and make it as close to a professional tour as possible

Frequently Asked Queries

Your queries / questions are important to us. Some basic ones are answered but if you Still have questions? Contact us

Which formats are available

We have multiple formats available for both individuals and teams. For individaul player we have stroke play, stable ford while for teams we have 2,3,4 ball scramble, shambles, Multi day match play, foursome and greensome formats

Is GemGolfers available both Android and IoS

Yes, GemGolfers is available both on the Apple Play store and Google Play stores. Simply search for “GemGolfers” and download the app. You can always go to the top of the page and we have the links to the play stores

As Tour Owner can I set Tour Leader

We are very proud of this functionality. Once the Tour operator sets up the Tour and the matches he can assign one of the touring party as the Tour leader. he then can manage any changes in the pairing and group tee off timings

My Golf Course is not available

Not an issue, simple go to www,gemgolfers,com/addmycourse and you can add the credentials and hole wise details of your course. Or simply send us a request and will do that for you

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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

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